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Quebec transportation service

The importance of trucking transportation service in the supply chain in Quebec.
If you have a carrier that you delivered!

Transporting goods by truck is the main industry for the movement of goods across Canada and the United States.
Trucking transportation service and carriers who supply local and highway 7 days a week do so that people can have their daily food, fruit and vegetables out of season from California, Florida and other warm countries.
The import and export plays a very important role in the global economy.

Movers-carriers who offer their services so that people can enjoy a freedom.
Trucking transportation service and courier company in Quebec for delivery of smaller parcels and which do not require large trucks to make deliveries, which also aims to contribute to reducing the pollution.
Prodrivers PDJ has set up various working tools to facilitate the daily
Quebec transportation service for manufacturers, carriers, movers, couriers in Quebec.

Prodrivers PDJ in Quebec an essential reference in the trucking industry of logistics and transportation.

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